The 2020 citation metrics have been released by both Scopus and Web of Science and we are delighted that the Development Southern Africa (DSA) Journal is performing well, with substantial increases all round. The 2020 Impact Factor is 1.442 (up from 0.806 in 2019), and the 5-year Impact Factor is 1.589 (up from 0.988 in 2019). While year on year citation metrics are volatile and shouldn’t be considered the gold standard of journal success, the 5-year Impact Factor is indicative of an on-going upward trend and is therefore cause for celebration. The table below lists some of DSA’s local ‘competitors’ and we would like to congratulate the South African Journal of Economics (SAJE) on crossing into an Impact Factor of >2!

Click here to view the performance of DSA and other journals over the past 8 years.