GTAC was established in March 2012 and provides advisory and technical consulting services to South African government departments and organisations and contributes to public service research and capacity building.

To achieve this objective, GTAC promotes evidence-based learning and policy advice and supports sound and effective procurement and programme management processes. Partnerships form the basis of its development methodology, within government and with the private sector, the academic and research community, and civil society stakeholders.

Project management units

In addition there are two project management units in GTAC which are administered on behalf of the National Treasury:

GTAC's business focus - Government Technical Advisory Centre

GTAC’s business focus

The macroeconomic challenges facing the public sector require a radical shift in terms of ensuring fiscal discipline and improving state competence.

GTAC is uniquely positioned to assist in driving this shift in public finance management by providing consolidated advisory and technical support services that sit outside of the regulatory space.

This structure allows GTAC to respond flexibly and professionally to service delivery constraints in the public sector, unblock bottlenecks and improve performance in the public sector. The benefits of this arrangement include:


  • Improved governance
  • Convening capability
  • Independence of analysis
  • Value for money
  • Easy development and dissemination of knowledge products


Government Technical Advisory Centre

To serve as a creative centre of excellence for shared learning and advisory support in public policy, fiscal and financial analysis and project management.


Government Technical Advisory Centre

The Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC) promotes transparency and the effective management of public finances by assisting organs of state in building their capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management. Its operating model provides technical consulting services, specialised procurement support, infrastructure project advice, and associated knowledge management and shared learning opportunities to build public sector capacity.

GTAC’s core values

Five values underpin GTAC’s approach to its programmes and activities:

1 Accountability: Holding ourselves responsible for setting standards of excellence in all we do.

2 Professionalism: Delivering high-quality work, in a disciplined, reliable manner within agreed budgets and timelines.

3 Transparency: Allowing for scrutiny of our professional work in a manner that builds trust.

4 Integrity: Conducting ourselves in an ethical manner, in the interests of building state capability.

5 Inclusivity: Working collaboratively with others in the interests of building individual and state capacity.

GTAC’s history

GTAC’s organisational evolution has passed through three phases: establishment, stabilisation and consolidation.

Government Technical Advisory Centre
GTAC’s history


GTAC’s approach is guided by:

1. Client-focused and demand-driven programmes: Advisory and technical support responds to client needs and respects the ownership and accountability for services of the responsible organs of state.

2. Diagnostic and management tools adapted to the need of the public sector: Advisors and support staff use management tools, methods and practices rooted in South Africa’s legal and institutional frameworks to undertake and support projects, while drawing on experts in public sector practice.

3. Capacity building through partnerships and learning by doing: GTAC’s approach is underpinned by a pragmatic and problem-solving approach to project support. It builds capacity through learning by doing and transferring skills through partnerships with other centres of expertise.  

How are GTAC’s services funded?

GTAC draws on core funding provided by the National Treasury and co-funding by international donor partners, while also partially recovering professional service costs from clients.

GTAC’s legislative mandate

GTAC forms part of Programme 8 of the Treasury vote and GTAC provides the coordinating office for the programme.

Programme 8 provides advisory services, programme management and development finance to improve public financial management, support high-impact government initiatives, create jobs and strengthen infrastructure planning and delivery.

GTAC performs its functions subject to ministerial guidance. The Minister may, to the extent permitted in the applicable legislation, at any time, in consultation with the Director-General, in writing instruct the Head of GTAC to:

  • Provide services in respect of financial planning for and the costing of policies being developed
  • Provide economic analysis and actuarial advice on programmes and projects
  • Perform ancillary functions as and when required by the National Treasury