The Quarterly Employment Statistics (QES) provides statistics on non-agricultural formal employment by sector, on a quarterly basis. The QES survey covers VAT registered businesses (exclu

ding agriculture). Non-agricultural formal employment increased by 42 000 (+0.4% q/q), from 10 062 000 in Q4 2021 to 10 104 000 in Q2 2022. The quarter’s increase was largely due to jobs created in community services (+69 000 or 2.4% q/q), manufacturing (+8 000 or 0.7 q/q) and mining (+2 000 or 0.4% q/q) industries.

On a yearly basis, total employment increased by 200 000 (+2.0% y/y) compared to Q1 2021, and Nominal gross earnings decreased by R28.2 billion (-3.47% q/q) from R827.3 billion in Q4 2021 to R799.1 billion in Q1 2022. This was largely due to decreases in community services, manufacturing, transport, trade, construction, and electricity. The mining and business services industries, by contrast, reported a quarterly increase in gross earnings.