Every Friday GTAC hosts its weekly webinar series is to share knowledge and have robust discussions on a number of broad themes such as strategic projects and initiatives by GTAC, strategic outcomes of government, public sector administration and policy analysis, global events, major social issues and so much more.

On Friday 2 June the GTAC Weekyl Webinar was titled “Want to save time, improve productivity, and make better decisions? Learn how AI tools can help you to revolutionize your professional life.”

The session was presented by Dr Hermi Boraine, Chief Director for Quantitative Data Analytics in the Public Expenditure and Policy Analysis unit and she introduced delegates to their new digital assistants who are able to:

  • Simplify and summarise information
  • Help you draft effective emails
  • Generate ideas for speeches, newsletters, etc.
  • Assist with planning
  • Help with procurement
  • Craft interview questions
  • Support you with data analysis

Dr Hermi Boraine spoke about how ChatGPT, Bing and Google Brad can boost workplace efficiency. You can access the YouTube video of this fascinating journey through AI tools here.