GTAC’s Capital Project Appraisal Unit plays a critical role in assisting the National Treasury in the review and assessment of infrastructure investment proposals and feasibility studies before investment decisions are taken.

This is highly specialised, technical and complex work that requires a team with economics, finance, engineering and public policy skills and expertise. Using their appraisal experience, the team also generates knowledge products to promote good practice in project appraisals and build state capability.

CPAU is currently developing knowledge products on Building investor confidence in accelerating infrastructure development and delivery; and Risks associated with mega-projects.

Infrastructure investments make a critical contribution to growing the economy and transforming the socio-economic landscape but there is a need to redesign the infrastructure planning and delivery architecture. The infrastructure gap is getting bigger and the slowdown in investment means that government must accelerate efforts to improve the pace at which projects advance across the value chain: from concept to investment-ready stage, to securing funding and finance, to procurement and contracting, to construction and commissioning, and ultimately to continuous operations and maintenance.

However, this process is not easy and straight-forward, as it involves trade-offs. The key challenge for government is to accelerate delivery within the binding constraints and removing key bottlenecks while improving its effectiveness to deliver.

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