Think Piece: Challenges & Opportunities to Strengthen the South African Centre of Government

Year Published 2023
Business unit: Institutional Development Support (IDS)
Resource type: Discussion papers
File type: PDF
Theme(s): Public Service & Administration, The Presidency: Performance Monitoring & Evaluation and Administration


The scholarly literature confirms that the South African Centre of Government (COG) is like other COGs worldwide, in that it emphasises the importance of silo bridging, collaboration, change or transition management, and implementation coordination. Some COG challenges are, however, unique to South Africa (SA), and are related to the unique institutional make-up of the SA state.

This Think Piece takes a look at the COG in South Africa and then reviews this within the context of the role of the Centre of Government internationally. The Think Piece includes a review of the GTAC projects initiated to strenghen Centre of Government and then concludes with insights and possible lessons.

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