Second Edition, Covid-19 Country Report: Chapter 7: International cooperation and trade

Year Published 2022
Business unit: Special Projects
Resource type: Working papers
File type: PDF
Theme(s): Covid-19, International Relations & Cooperation, The Presidency: Performance Monitoring & Evaluation and Administration


This Chapter seeks to ascertain the status of South Africa’s1 international cooperation efforts, and trade statistics, since March 2021, in response to the continued presence of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. As outlined by the previous edition of this chapter, the impact of covid-19 pandemic on global trade and international relations was unprecedented. Despite this, South Africa’s response to the virus was lauded by some global observers as “a standout in the region”, emphasising President Cyril Ramaphosa’s frank and effective communication with his public and his government’s move to close borders and restrict movement early on in the outbreak (Devermont and Mukulu, 2020). Moreover as AU Chair in 2020, President Ramaphosa used the platform to lobby international financial institutions for economic relief and concrete supports for the continent and aside from establishing a solidarity fund, used diplomatic outreach to assist in coordinating an African response.

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