Reading List for The 2019 Winter School on Education

Year Published 2019
Business unit: Special Projects
Resource type: Discussion papers
File type: PDF
Theme(s): Basic Education, Economic Development, Higher Education & Training


A reading list on education in preparation for the Education Theme of the 2019 Winter School that will focus on This course will focus on how education economics can help inform resource allocation choices to improve the performance of the education system. South Africa currently spends about 6% of its GDP on education, on par with many OECD countries. However, our education system continues to yield poorer outcomes than countries that spend relatively less on education. Why can we not achieve a better and more equitable distribution of resources or learning outcomes? What policy and funding requirements could bring better education outcomes? Interesting case studies and evidence-based research will be used throughout the course to help scholars understand how policies, funding and politics can shape education outcomes.

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