Planning for Economic Infrastructure for Water Treatment and Reuse – a Local Government Perspective

Year Published 2022
Business unit: Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) & PPP
Resource type: Case study
File type: Microsoft Powerpoint
Theme(s): Public Private Partnerships, Sanitation, Water & Environmental Affairs


A presentation delivered by Mr Themba Mdletshe (GTAC) on 20 May 2022 as part of GTAC’s weekly webinar series. With the recent drought that South Africa has experienced around 2018, we saw some regions contemplating reaching ‘Day Zero’. This has since ignited the necessity where Municipalities are now more than willing to explore alternative water sources or delivery mechanisms to improve security of supply. Water infrastructure is classified as Economic Infrastructure for its ability to generate revenue and thus sustain itself. It has great potential for private investment and blended financing. Using the already established Municipal Service Delivery and PPP Guidelines this webinar will focus on lessons and experiences in the planning within the three tests of affordability, value-for-money, and risk transfer.

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