Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of ICT Spending in the Eastern Cape

Year Published 2022
Business unit: PEPA
Resource type: Case study
Province: Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape
File type: Microsoft Powerpoint
Theme(s): Economic Development, Procurement, Science & Technology


A presentation delivered by Daniel Makoni (GTAC) on 06 May 2022 as part of GTAC’s weekly webinar series. The presentation focused on an ICT Spending Review in the Eastern Cape. ICT is fragmented across the 14 departments in the Eastern Cape, with limited standards and unequal investment in ICT Capital, Goods, Services and Personnel across departments. Daniel gave an overview of major cost drivers, ways to reduce costs, how to improve the efficiency of ICT services provided by SITA and other service providers, comparing benefits of outsourcing against insourcing ICT services, and the centralisation of the delivery of ICT services.

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