Costing ICT Services in the Police Services Group: SAPS, IPID and CSPS

Year Published 2022
Business unit: PEPA
Resource type: Case study
File type: Microsoft Powerpoint
Theme(s): Police, Procurement, Public Service & Administration


A presentation delivered by Velisubuhle Buti (Senior Budget Analyst in the Justice and Protection Services Chief Directorate under the Public Finance division of the National Treasury) on 27 May 2022 as part of GTAC’s weekly webinar series. Theme: “Costing ICT Services in the Police Services Group: SAPS, IPID and CSPS”. The webinar showcased the findings of an ICT spending review conducted on selected institutions within the Police Services Technical group. These institutions include: The South African Police Service (SAPS); Civilian Secretariat for the Police (Service (CSPS); and the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).

The purpose of this spending review was to assess whether the SAPS is efficiently utilising its ICT to justify continued investment and allocation of resources to these items. Although the SAPS has a bigger ICT division relative to other departments in government, only 11.8 per cent (R417.5 million) of ICT costs at the end of 2020/21 were incurred internally (i.e., for SAPS ICT staff costs) while the remaining 88.2 per cent (R3.1 billion) was incurred externally (i.e., for services rendered by external service providers, software licence fees, procurement of equipment, consultancy fees, etc.). The high external costs make it difficult to assess whether the Technology Management Services division in the SAPS is appropriately equipped to effectively render some ICT services in-house and to effectively monitor how SAPS divisions utilise their systems. SAPS needs improve its operational efficiencies by thoroughly assessing its ICT environment, particularly the high costs incurred for services rendered by service providers such as SITA.

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