Comment on Eskom’s MYPD 2 Proposal

Year Published 2009
Business unit: Special Projects
Resource type: Research reports
Research report: HSRC
File type: PDF
Theme(s): Economic Development, Energy


This submission to NERSA updates our work, and reflects on Eskom’s 2009 submissions. More specifically, we reflect on: 1) The financial implications of alternative pricing scenarios: with the support of WSP, we have revised the financial modelling prepared in 2008. The modelling has been updated to take account of revised economic forecasts as well as Eskom’s initial and revised applications. The underlying spreadsheets used for this submission were shared with Eskom, NERSA, the Presidency and Treasury, as well as a number of experts and stakeholders. We particularly received invaluable detailed comments from Eskom. 2) The implications of Eskom’s proposals for the economy – for firms, and for growth, inflation and employment more generally.

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