Challenges and Opportunities in Strengthening the South African Centre of Government

Year Published 2023
Business unit: Institutional Development Support (IDS)
Resource type: Research reports
Research report: Development Southern Africa journal articles
File type: PDF
Theme(s): Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs, Public Service & Administration, The Presidency: Performance Monitoring & Evaluation and Administration


In this session, we focused on the challenges and opportunities in strengthening the South African Centre of Government. The Institutional Development Support (IDS) unit of GTAC has been actively involved in several projects over the last 4 years to strengthen coordination within government. They have valuable lessons to share from their experiences. Dr. Li Pernegger and Mr. Corrie Smit, GTAC Long Term Advisors, presented a Think Piece on the role of the Centre of Government and how it can impact positively on service delivery. This webinar offers insightful information for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of governance and how to improve it.

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