Appraisal of Infrastructure Guideline Appraisal Tools and Methodologies

Year Published 2015
Business unit: Capital Projects Appraisal Unit (CPAU)
Resource type: Methodology
File type: PDF
Theme(s): Economic Development, Finance, Procurement


The current socio-economic climate in South Africa is characterised by the need for greater investment in infrastructure to support higher levels of economic growth and social welfare. However, the challenge is that available fiscal resources are inadequate to support all proposed public infrastructure investment projects, necessitating prioritisation. This guideline produced by GTAC suggests using a consistent and transparent approach against which the desirability of projects can be compared, thus assisting the decision-making process and increasing accountability. To do this, a set of principles are proposed to guide infrastructure investments in a manner that maximises value for money and contributes significantly towards creating a better life for all South Africans.

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