This month saw the release of the results of the third wave of the National Income Dynamics Study – Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey (NIDS-CRAM). This nationally-representative panel survey kicked off in early 2020 as South Africa implemented a hard lockdown; five waves of the study are planned.  The data was collected between 2 November and 13 December 2020 and this wave looks specifically at employment, grants, hunger, education, early childhood development, health and the cigarette sales ban. The project lead, Nic Spaull, reports the most significant finding from the third wave is that, by October 2020, the percentage of people employed is much closer to its February 2020 pre-pandemic level.  However, household hunger has now increased across the country, with 1-in-5 households reporting weekly hunger. The Synthesis Report highlights key findings from the following 11 papers:

1. Employment & Grants:



4.Early Childhood Development

5. Health

6.Cigarette Sales Ban

All papers are available for download here and the NIDS-CRAM data is freely available for download at the Data First Open Data Portal.