Get ready for the 2023 GTAC Public Economics Conference, taking place from 6 – 7 September, where the spotlight shines on government’s initiatives to boost job creation! This year, we’re excited to tap into the wealth of knowledge accumulated through the research, project reviews and evaluations done by GTAC and the National Treasury over the past decade.

The Public Economics Conference, hosted for the first time as a combined Winter School and Savings@Work event, will run for two days and we invite all post-graduate students in economics and related fields, public officials at national, provincial and local levels, as well as young professionals from the private sector, economists and academics. The Conference is an opportunity to access information, expertise and insight on issues that are not well represented in the current curricula at university, or necessarily part of the day-to-day exposure for officials.

This year the newly branded Public Economics Conference will be hybrid and WhatsUp will share application details and the programme in the coming weeks. We will also host all the information on the GTAC webpage here.

Look out for more details in the coming weeks.