Transaction Advisory Services recently provided technical support services to the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI). This project has resulted in the successful completion of Phase 1, a feasibility study containing a pipeline of 1000s of bankable renewable energy projects that has received Treasury Regulation Approval 1 (PPP Regulation 16) approval.

Moreover, the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission has designated the DPWI Integrated Resource Efficiency Programme, encompassing Renewable Energy Programme in Government buildings, as a Strategic Integrated Project (SIP), SIP 28, in Government Gazette No. 43547 (Vol 661; July 24, 2020).

As a positive development towards implementation of SIP28, the DPWI and GTAC recently concluded a new Memorandum of General Agreement (MoGA) and Memorandum of Particular Agreement (MoPA) for the DPWI Renewable Energy Programme (PN 921).

Given that development work described in the prior MoGA and MoPA requires further intervention for it to be completed, and in line with the recently completed MoGA and MoPA, the DPWI has proceeded with the working relationship with GTAC to programme implementation – Phase 2 as described in the original ToR.

The BaC has approved of the appointment of Lesiba / Mahlako as the TA for Phase 2 and we are awaiting for the PSP to finalise the related service level agreement. Finally, in anticipation of proceeding with Phase 2, the DPWI has transferred approximately R 60 M to GTAC to defray development costs related to 20 renewable energy projects.