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Public Private Partnership Toolkit for Tourism

South Africa’s tourism industry has experienced considerable growth in the last decade, but despite the many opportunities that exist, the development of tourism-based businesses on state-owned land has been slow. The PPP Manual and Standardised PPP Provisions cannot, however, be summarily applied to tourism PPP projects. National Treasury therefore seeks to boost this strategic sector of the economy by providing practical guidelines in the form of this PPP Toolkit for Tourism, referred to throughout as the Toolkit. It makes the PPP process relevant to the particular characteristics of the country’s nature and heritage tourism industry. The Toolkit should make it easier for institutions and the private sector to enter into tourism-related partnerships on state property managed by national and provincial government institutions.​​

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Performance & Expenditure Reviews (PER) Toolkit

Each of the PERs uses a standardised methodology. This custom-made methodology allows for a detailed description of the programme design and performance measures of the designated policy area, and this information is then combined with extensive expenditure analysis based on available Basic Accounting System (BAS) data, or management accounts. The work is concluded with the development of costing models that provide for expenditure calculations of different policy scenarios and implementation modalities.