The focus of the Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Unit is to assist government in the planning, procurement and implementation of large-scale transactions for infrastructure and related services.

The unit’s key objective is to improve the quality of project outcomes by ensuring a link between the objectives of government and the ultimate contract.

GTAC provides support for major infrastructure procurement projects, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and service delivery improvement programmes. Transaction support involves transaction planning, feasibility analysis, procurement and institutionalisation. TAS provides support throughout the project lifecycle from project conception and registration to transaction process support as well as legal and financial advice. Its assistance often extends beyond the conclusion of the procurement processes into project implementation.

The unit provides specialised transaction advisory services with regards to Public Private Partnerships which involves a contract between the public sector authority and a private party, in which the private party provides a public service or project and assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risk in the project. In specific instances this support may include project implementation monitoring and project implementation support on request.


Transaction support services include advice on regulatory requirements and good practice for a range of national, provincial and local government transactions, such as precinct development, government accommodation projects, the implementation of alternative energy technologies, IT services, special economic zones and hospital services.

Other services include monitoring and advice on project implementation and contracts management of existing PPPs.

Project in the Spotlight

Project in the spotlight


Transaction Advisory Services recently provided technical support services to the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI). This project has resulted in the successful completion of Phase 1, a feasibility study containing a pipeline of 1000s of bankable renewable energy projects that has received Treasury Regulation Approval 1 (PPP Regulation 16) approval.

Transaction Advisory Services
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The TAS unit provides foundation training for national and provincial government officials and municipal training for local government officials.

Transaction Advisory Services

This training is offered free of charge and currently all training is only offered online.

To register for the training programmes, please visit the events page.

Please send any questions or queries via email to Lindokuhle Hlatshwayo. We will send you a notification to confirm your registration for the relevant dates.

Foundation Training programme

A two-day Foundation Training programme is aimed at national and provincial government officials, and the private sector. The training programme is as follows:

  • SA’s PPP regulatory framework
  • PPP inception
  • PPP feasibility study
  • PPP procurement
  • Introduction to standardised PPP provisions
  • PPP contract management
  • Introduction to project finance; project finance structures & project documentation
  • Typical risk allocation in PPPs
  • Group work: Compiling a risk matrix
  • Introduction to toolkit for tourism
  • Types of PPPs
  • The role of transaction advisor
  • Other invited guest presenters

Download the PPP Tourism Toolkit Manual here. 

Municipal Training programme

A two-day Municipal Training programme is aimed at local government officials, and the private sector. The training programme is as follows:

  • Municipal PPP regulations
  • Feasibility study
  • Procurement
  • Managing the PPP contract
  • Risk matrix
  • Toolkit – solid waste management
  • Toolkit – commercial use of municipal property
  • Toolkit – water and sanitation

These topics include regulations, formulated guidelines as well as a variety of case studies on real life PPP projects in the local government sphere.

Download the following here:

Past projects

During the 2019/2020 financial year the Transaction Advisory Services unit worked on 18 projects. Here are highlights from five of these projects.

  • Department of Home Affairs: Visa facilitation project
  • George Municipality: Establishment of a new university for Southern Cape region
  • Lejweleputswa District Municipality: Student housing
  • Polokwane Municipality: Polokwane landfill site project
  • South African Police Services: Fair value determination – Forensic data analysts


GTAC’s Knowledge Hub contains a wealth of resources that are available to people working in and with government. These resources are freely available to all key stakeholders to enhance public sector capacity and enable more effective public service delivery.



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